busy busy

it’s been busy… mainly at work. then it got busier when my manager/senior web developer got a new job. (i’m not complaining–i’m happy for him 🙂 ) so it’s been busier. the work i can handle. it’s just the deadlines tend to be pretty crazy. during my free time at work (which is nonexistent at the moment), i’m learning a bunch about php. i’ll be needing to know it more since i’m the one and only developer (at the moment) now. oh yeah, a co-worker bought me lunch today (Korean BBQ!) for doing hard work XD thanks again!
i got to see my mom for a couple weekends in early october 🙂 it was fun hanging out with her and my relatives at my aunt’s house. one of the saturday’s i visited, we went to a renaissance fair. it was fun. i’ve been to a few of them before. most of the people dress up in renaissance era outfits and they role-play a lot which gets some laughs. the first 3 times i went, my aunt and uncle and their family would all dress up, and they lent me clothes to dress up also. but this latest time (with a different aunt and uncle) we didn’t dress up. i kinda felt out of place in “modern-day” clothing :p there are a lot of small shops set up under tents that sell outfit items, trinkets, and other things of that “era”. there are knights and the queen that walk around and demand attention hehe. they also had a big jousting show set up complete with armored horses and knights in armor. it was fun watching the show. i took some video of it that i’ll try to get up soon. i think it’d be fun to dress up and go to another renaissance fair with a friend or two who also would enjoy it 🙂

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