i just noticed that this sunday is when autumn begins. this year, like the others, is flying by. i’ve been working on a new drawing of a video game character from Eternal Sonata. i’ve been using a new method to “ink” the drawing in photoshop. the lines look a lot nicer then in past drawings. i’m still learning the method, and it takes longer, but it should turn out good (i hope). i’m working on the coloring now.

i signed up to sponsor a child at children.org. it’s pretty cool cause they send you a pic of the child and information about them, and you can send letters online (which i still need to do) which a translator will translate and give to the child. and it’s only $22 a month.

what else is going on… i’ve almost memorized all of the Korean alphabet, and i can type a few words like 여보세요 which means “hi”, 잘자요 which means “goodnight”, and 김치 which is “kimchi”. i think i need to take a class or meet some people that could help me learn. speaking of learning languages, i ran across this cool online language learning site which is free and runs in Flash. it’s called trymango.com. i tried the Japanese “class”, but only got through a few of the slides. i might try it more this weekend, but it seems pretty cool and i may learn some new words 🙂

this weekend i hope to finish up the drawing i’m working on and also do some much needed room cleaning. it’s scary looking!