new shoes

i stopped by the mall last night after work to look for some new shoes. i had tried looking for some on saturday, but got “trapped” by some kiosk sales-lady and never got around to looking for anything else… let’s just say i learned an expensive lesson on needing to learn how to say no and not let people take advantage of me being “a nice guy”…. anyway, so i avoided all kiosks this time around :p i tried macy’s first, but didn’t see anything interesting, so then i headed to JCPenney and looked there. i found some “Skechers Citywalk Midnight” shoes and waited in line to ask the sales-lady if they had them in my size. she finished the transaction with the guy buying some shoes, and then went back to look for my shoe size and also a small kids shoe size for another lady looking for shoes for her son. the sales-lady took a long time searching, and the guy who just bought the shoes came back to exchange them already. another lady and her two sons came looking for assistance too. i think we all waited for 5 minutes. it didn’t bother me, cause i’m sure there’s a lot of shoes back there to search through, but the other people started getting very impatient and irritated… they mumbled stuff and walked back and forth a bunch. i wanted to laugh at them being impatient, but i knew that would be rude of me 🙂 the sales-lady returned with 2 kids shoes for the first lady and nothing for me. she then looked up on the computer and found that my shoes were back there, and went back and looked again. she found them and brought them out for me to try on. she took care of the guy who wanted to exchange some shoes and then helped the 2nd lady look for Tennis shoes, but had to call someone else for assistance. the shoes fit good so i decided to buy them. the sales-lady was about to ring me up, but i said she can help the first lady look once again for some kids shoes. so i waited again for a few minutes and another guy showed up looking to buy some shoes. the sales-lady couldn’t find any other kids shoes and so then rang me up and i left. i think they needed a 2nd person to help out there, but maybe they figured “how many people are going to buy shoes at half an hour before the store closes?” :XD:

i dislike how people get impatient very quickly with sales people. i know if i was a sales person, i would enjoy much more dealing with a kind friendly patient person then someone who’s whining and complaining :p


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