it’s been a while since i added a real entry to my site. i’ve had a pretty good summer so far.

i visited my aunt and uncle and cousins for a long weekend at las vegas where they live. they rented a house boat and we all hung out with my cousins friends on lake mead. it was very very very hot there though–over 100 each day!

i also spent a week in late july visiting my parents and some of my siblings who came to visit too. it was fun hanging out with all of them and seeing my baby niece for the first time. she’s 6 months old and can almost crawl. though maybe by now she can?

i’ve been running into some weird database errors while trying to update my website. i need to re-post all of my artwork… if i keep having trouble, i might try a “gallery” style of posting the art with one of the plug-ins for wordpress.

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