last wednesday night a couple of old coworker friends met up with me and we checked out this Salsa Dance Class that’s only about 5 minutes from the Sega building. actually maybe 3 minutes. it’s very close. we arrived a little late, and caught the last of the lesson on the basic steps. thankfully i tried another salsa class a few weeks prior that was near Konami and still recalled most of the basic steps. this class was much better. two teachers (who knew salsa), about 30 people and a large dance floor. i had actually been to the place, the Metronome Dance Center, years before when i took a friend to a swing dance class there cause she wanted to try it out. anyway, we learned the basic step, and some different turns. they combined it together into a routine that by the end of the class i just about had it figured out. we all partnered up and stood in a circle around the teachers to learn the different parts of the moves. every minute or so, the leaders would rotate. the rotation can be good and can be bad. good cause you can get the feel for many different followers, but bad cause we rotated so often that it was hard to really practice some of the moves. after the lesson they had a 20 minute practice time. i practiced with one girl for a bit just doing the same routine over and over and kinda got the basic step down enough that i didn’t have to think about it. i saw a couple other girls standing on the sides looking like they wanted to practice, so i asked one lady if she wanted to. i think she was twice my age, but she gave me a few pointers that helped. it looked like a lot of the people there were regulars (the drop-in class is every wednesday night), because they seemed to know many others there. i hope to go back and keep learning cause it was a lot of fun. i’d also like to find a dance partner, or a small group at least, to practice more together. i just gotta find some people interested

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