nice weekend

the 3 day weekend went by pretty fast. on saturday night i caught the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie with some friends. i liked it more then most movie critics did . it was as good as #2 i thought, which i enjoyed too

i also went looking at Macy’s for some sales, but most of the sales were on their clearance stuff. i’m pretty choosy when it comes to shopping for clothes, but found a few shirts i liked. i wandered the rest of the mall and found nothing else that caught my eye. i’m not too big of a fan of mall’s, but sometimes it’s fun to look at the clothing shops. i looked in Nordstroms and saw a $285 pair of jeans . to me it didn’t look much better then a $35 pair from Target . i guess the unknown (to me) name-brand on those jeans made it so expensive. i wonder if people can tell it cost $285 if they see someone who bought those jeans?

the rest of the weekend included church, major room cleaning, some game playing, and grocery shopping. it was nice overall, but wishing for another day off already

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