back at the Sega magnet

it’s the last day of my first week back at Sega. it seems i keep ending up here after working at other places…

let’s see, i started at sega as a temp tester, then went to sony as a temp tester, back to sega as a permanent tester, volunteered for the downsizing to go back to school but found out prices up in WA state were way too expensive and moved back to CA and got a temp tester spot at segasoft, then got hired again as a perm tester at sega, then finally got into the web department at, got caught in the downsizing and went back as a temp tester at sega briefly, then back to contracting, then got bought out by nokia (only and not sega), i got tired of nokia and worked at konami for a year and a half, and finally back here once again at sega as a web developer cause i didn’t want to move to LA since konami is going through consolidation. whew, that was long-winded

the commute is longer, the building is the same (sega used to be in redwood city and then moved to san francisco some years ago), i’m working with old coworkers again, and there are a lot of new people i’ve yet to meet. so far it’s been pretty nice being back

so if you see any errors on the site….

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