yay… consolidation

last tuesday there was a big all-hands meeting at work. since i was a contractor, i didn’t get to attend the meeting because it was for permanent employees only. well, after 15 minutes, i found out the big news when my boss came out and told me that the company is consolidating to Los Angeles! i waited around till the meeting let out to see everyone stressed and sad… my boss sent me off to this Web 2.0 Expo that we were planning on going to. it felt all surreal seeing and hearing it all.

thankfully, a position at sega is still open and they still want me to join. they were trying to recruit me, but i ended up turning them down before… it was a tough decision between staying at konami and leaving to sega. i know most of the people at sega and have worked with them in the past. with the pros and cons of each, i ended up deciding to stay at konami based on the worse commute to sega. it was very hard to decide between the two… i’m very thankful they still want me to come on board. i had an interview last friday which went well if it all works out, i could be starting there in 3 weeks.

i really hope everyone at konami who is not going to LA can find something better… is anyone hiring?

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