VNV Nation – Judgement

VNV Nation’s latest album, Judgement, arrived in the mail the other day. I was very excited to listen to it, because i’ve enjoyed all their previous albums this album is just as good and ties with my other two favorites, Matter and Form, and Futureperfect. The lyrcs are deep and meaningful and a lot of them deal with the sadness of how there is so much destruction and war and sadness in the world, and also a hope that there might be better days of happiness and peace.

One set of lyrics i really liked is on the song The Farthest Star:

We possess the power

if this should start to fall apart

to mend divides, to change the world

to reach the farthest star

If we should stay silent

if fear should win our hearts,

our light will have long diminished

before it reaches the farthest star

That really affected me when i first heard it because i’ve always been silent and fearful. But it motivated me to try harder to not fear and not be silent anymore

Musically, many of the songs are very beat driven and easy to dance to, but some are slower songs that are more relaxing. All of them are electronic sounding. I like the very last instrumental song, As it Fades–it sounds like it belongs in the Lord of the Rings movies during a peaceful scene in one of the elf lands–it’s very nice sounding The band’s website has sound samples of most of the songs. Just click on Products


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