big dinner

last night my roomate used some Buckhorn “bucks” and bought he and i dinner thanks roomate!! i got a tri-tip steak sandwich with grilled onions, grilled peppers, deep fried onions, melted cheese, bleu cheese crumbles, and bbq sauce. it was very good, but sooooo filling. also a small tub of mashed potatoes. i’m not sure why i ate it all in one sitting… i should have only ate half and had the other half tonight. i really need to work harder at decreasing my meal sizes and not over stuff myself.. i’ve been doing good with exercising. i’m on my 5th week now i’m starting to see my round tummy thin down a little bit i’m hoping after 6 months or so i’ll see some bigger results and the “padding” will be gone but i need to watch what i eat moreso then i’m doing right now as well as continue to exercise…

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