mom in town

my mom flew in town this last thursday and is staying at my aunt’s (her sister’s) house for a week and a half (or was it 2 weeks?). i drove up to my aunt’s house today, and got here about 2pm or so. it’s about an hour and 45 minute drive from my place to my aunts. my mom and i went to see my grandma who’s in a rest home. she has alzhiemer’s, and has trouble recognizing all of us she got excited when she saw us tonight 99% of her words she can say are “fy, fy, fy, wy, wy, wy, fou, fou, fou” and all we can do is try to see if she’s saying it happily or sad and try to agree with what she says. she likes to joke around and pretend she’s asleep though we sung songs with her and took her around the hallways in her wheel chair. we also showed her pics of my brother’s baby–she liked those

mom and i got some food at Chop Stix and got stuffed

now we’re going to watch Count of Monte Cristo which i’ve never seen, but heard it was good

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