vacation stories

well, this is a little later than i was planning on, but here some stories of my recent vacation/Christmas time. my parents and brother met me at the Salt Lake City airport and we rented a van and drove out to my sister and brother in-law’s small apartment–small meaning one bedroom i wasn’t really used to the low 20’s temperature there and discovered that it’s just too cold for my tastes my sis and brother in-law had to study for their final final the next day, so the rest of us just hung out a bit after we got yummy italian food down the street. my parents and brother and i all slept in their living room–we stayed warm enough more or less, but with the heater on, it really dried out a lot after the final’s were over, we headed on south to my brother and sister in-law’s place in Cedar City. it was warmer there–warmer meaning in the low 30’s everywhere we went, there was snow. it looked like utah got blanketed before we got there, but all the roads were dry, so we didn’t have to worry about ice we hung out at my brother’s place for most of the trip. talked a bunch of stories and played a lot of games. it was lotsa fun we spent most of the 23rd driving over to Las Vegas to visit my aunt and uncle and many cousins and their families. we were gonna spend more time there, but we found a flat tire on the van right before we left and had to fix it. it was nice seeing all the relatives again! on Christmas Eve we were making a big turkey dinner. my brother’s place was getting so hot that we had to open windows and the front door. we joked that the neighbor dogs might smell the turkey cooking. and sure enough, less than a minute after we opened the door, in walks a friendly brown dog looking for a freebie the dog tried getting up on the couch next to my brother, but we all started coaxing it outside. it was pretty funny Christmas day was nice with all of us exchanging gifts and having fun! we left my brother’s place on the 26th and drove back up to my sister’s apartment. stayed the night there and flew out in the morning. the trip was fun, but also exhausting cause we packed in a lot. and sleeping on the couch wasn’t the most comfortable, but i’m thankful they let me stay and crash there with everyone

new years turned into the first bad cold of the year i got very sick starting last saturday night and still feeling it. the worst was sunday where i was stuck in bed with bad bad chills, headache, dizzy feelings and sore throat thankfully the worst of it left sunday night, and right now i just feel very stuffed up

enough rambling for now, i’m off to bed. hope everyone had nice holidays too. mine was great seeing my family again!

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