almost thanksgiving

this month is flying by like all the rest this year. in just over a week it’ll be thanksgiving! i’ll probably go see my relatives up in elk grove area, but still waiting on the official invite

work has been going alright–busy as usual. i’m working on starting the mini-site for Elebits; konami’s first game for the Nintendo Wii that comes out this sunday. not sure why it’s releasing on a sunday… i’m hoping i can come up with a good design/site since this is a fairly big title for them, and i want to make sure it’s good. but i’m running out of time because of many other big and little projects at work.. and now i think i caught the cold from a co-worker who sits near me she’s been coughing (badly) a lot for a week now. one other guy caught it over the weekend, and i noticed today i’m starting to cough tomorrow i can sleep in a little bit since it’s my work from home day of the week. i’m hoping the seep tonight will help defend against the cold.. hope no one else gets it

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