is it just me, or is this year flying by? almost the end of the year again…

last week was pretty busy. we’re supposed to launch the new site in just over a week, and lots of things still need to get done. many flash promos, message boards moved to a new server, and various product updates. then there’s the other stuff: mini flash site, newsletter design, theatre design, and other stuff i can’t recall at the moment. i try to keep up with it all, but friday’s pile of stuff seemed to grow much too fast i don’t mind the work–the flash stuff is pretty fun the majority of the time. the part i don’t like is the “we need this done right now!” deadlines but that seems to be part of all the departments in this company–not always enough time to do everything that needs to get done. and the simple solution of “hire more people” tends to lose against the “we’re saving money” thought. to me i see the too much work loads and not enough time/workers just causes stress and people get burnt out and eventually want to leave. ok, i went on a bit more than i thought i was with work just now

the weekend has been nice for the most part. i got to sleep in saturday and played games. i also got my haircut from a real barber. i had been cutting my own hair for many years. at first it was to save money when i moved out, but then it just got to be something i normally did. i had been wanting to go to a real barber for a while now, but i have some odd fears about talking to people and experiencing things i don’t fully understand. it’s pretty silly that i’d fear going to the barber, but i survived i’m laughing about it now hehe. the haircut turned out shorter tan normal, but after combing it, it looks alright. my hair is very straight the lady said and it kept wanting to stick straight up

last night i went with my roomate and some other friends to another friends house for some video game playing. he invited a bunch of people over to play. it was fun–we stayed for a few hours and then went back home. my roomate and i and 1 of the friends who went with us then went to get dinner at Marie Callendar’s. they have a $5.99 any pie (except cheesecakes) sale going on, and since a single slice is in the $4 range, i couldn’t resist to get a whole key lime pie

this morning i had a 7:30am Sunday School meeting to go to. i usually wake up after 7:30, so i’m very sleepy still at the moment. the meeting was nice–mainly spoke on preparedness for teaching. i doodle some and took notes while listening to the 3 talks/discussions that were given. i think i’m going to try napping before church starts now

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