it’s been a while since i’ve added any entries to my site. once again i blame the lazy self i seem to have become but the other day–or was it last night? i looked at my site and noticed how i haven’t added any new art for a while, or updated much of anything on the site. so i thought i should plan out some ideas, and also work on artwork and clothing designs. then when i was trying to fall asleep, i thought about an idea (which i just now remembered again) of creating a character or two and have them “model” the clothing designs i come up with. since i enjoy doing both character drawing and coming up with different clothing styles. hmm, does that sound too weird though? i’ll try it regardless but first i’m nearing completion of Enchanted Arms for the Xbox 360 which seems to be taking up a lot of my free time–or am i giving it a lot of my free time? i need to force myself out of this laziness state and start working at my goals

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