ready for the weekend

wednesday is almost done, then just a day and a half of work till the weekend starts for me. my parents are flying in friday they’re visiting my dad’s aunt who lives in my great grandmothers house–his aunt is selling the place and offered for them to come in and take anything before the house sells. then my parents are meeting up with me after my half day of work. we’ll hang out a bit and get dinner and then drive up to my aunts house for the weekend. my cousin chad and his family are moving to tennessee and are having a goodbye get together with family and friends sunday. should be fun.

it’s getting pretty hot here–97 outside today i’m thankful the house has AC, but i bet this months electric bill’s gonna be high..

today i took my car in for its 45K mile service. my roomate picked me up and brought me back to the house where i spent the day working from home. i’ve been working on a website redesign which is going fairly well so far. some parts are taking much longer than i thought. it’s kinda fun though doing it. i picked up my car a couple hours ago and now just being lazy at home. for some reason after work i tend to always forget stuff i should be doing. it’s time again to make a to do list

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