sneezing time

the weather recently changed from cold and rainy to somewhat warm and sunny. warm enough that it gets hot at night when i try to sleep so i’ve left my window open… which has invited in lots of grass pollen it seems. and grass pollen makes me sneeze a lot and makes my nose run

at work i think there’s a lot of dust in the vents and on the floor that cause me to sneeze now and then too. yesterday at work i kept sneezing and my co-workers grew tired of saying “bless you” so they’d say “bless you infinity”

the warmer weather is nice and it’s not too hot at night. well my room gets hot from my tv, lamp, and laptop on all blowing out hot air, but with the window open it turns out fine. it’d be nice to take some time off and relax somewhere in the nice weather–go on a trip somewhere… like uhm not sure where

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