E3 is done. i was sent to help work out konami’s booth this year. i’ll write about the highlights of each day. my camera decided it wanted to stop reading my memory card so i couldn’t take any pics

Tuesday – i woke up at 5am to drive down to the airport. i’m not used to that early of a morning arrived in LA and got to the hotel room. got my computer set up with the wireless internet and got ahold of my manager (still back at the office) and found out i needed to fix some flash stuff for the website E3 launch. so after a few hours i got it all fixed and then headed down to help set up the booth. that went pretty good except i got a bad blister on the back of my right heal that decided to bother me for the rest of the week i went to a ramen place with some co-workers for dinner.

Wednesday – first day of E3. my shift was 12-3 so i looked around the show a little bit before. i don’t tend to get super excited about games like others. the work time was ok, but my legs and feet got sore from standing so long. i looked a bit at the show some more afterwards. they had Playstation 3 there, Nintendo’s Wii, lots of new games coming out. the booths were all designed pretty fancy. oh and i saw a couple old co-workers from nokia’s booth next door. hmm, dinner i just went to california pizza kitchen and got some pasta and ate it in my room and watched Lost.

Thursday – slept in till like 10am then i slowly got ready for my 12-3 shift again, and had to walk the long 6 blocks to the show since i missed the shuttle bus… yipes, my legs and feet were sore when i got there. then to stand another 3ish hours… i looked at the show a little more afterwards and then rode the shuttle bus back to the hotel. everyone was out at the Sony party that night–i didn’t get invited, but i’m not a partier anyway really. plus i was way too beat to go anywhere. i liked the pasta i had the night before so i got more of it and some key lime pie

Friday – today i slept in till 9am. got up and caught the shuttle bus to the show. i worked a double shift from 11:30 to 4. the guy who was supposed to do the second shift (2:30 to 4) never showed up, and his assistant was just there to fill in for 5 minutes before he took off. since i had no interest in the rest of the show, i just watched the area until 4. we tore down the booth pretty fast and got out of there at like 5:30 or so. some co-workers and i made reservations at a steakhouse on the way back as we walked back to the hotel (yeah, sore again…) i get back to my room and my card key doesn’t work so i talk to the hotel people and i’m suddenly no longer registered in the room. somehow they put the room under my name originally, and then replaced it with my co-worker’s name when i checked in, instead of adding me. that’s my theory anyway. not sure why it worked up until tonight. they had to get a security guy to let me in after i proved to him what things were in there. he gave me a working key card. i just got back from the steakhouse. it was alright–steak is to costly, but luckily work is covering it

soooo, next time i’m bringing more comfortable shoes–i thought my vans shoes would be fine… also bringing bandage stuff in case of blisters. and also not going to forget my belt… oh and make sure my camera works.

i fly back home tomorrow. i hope nothing has happened to my car while i was gone…

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