i thought i’d be thin all my life. i used to weigh just 130 pounds–at 6 feet tall that’s below a healthy weight. i didn’t eat much–like 1 meal a day and snacking on junk food on and off throughout. i didn’t exercise either. well, not sure when, but i’m thinking 7 or so years ago, i started eating a normal 3 meals a day–anything that sounded good. plus i kept snacking like normal on candy and chips, etc. now i’m a bit overweight, but all the weight has seemed to settle in my gut i started trying to do crunches a lot, but i was still eating the same. i was doing 400 crunches (in 50 repitition sets) a day for a couple weeks.

anyway, i told a friend about doing all the crunches, and he suggested i read this book a friend recommended to him called “The Abs Diet” i kinda mocked it like most other diets i’ve heard about like the Atkins Diet. but he said it was different, so i checked out the Abs Diet website and was reading up about what it was and it did seem much different than any other diet i had heard about (which isn’t too many). the site talked about eating the right foods and doing weight training exercises to help build muscles and metabolism that will both in turn help burn away the fat. i thought, yeah, that makes sense. long story short, i bought the book, and am almost done reading it.

the book talks a ton about the good and bad stuff found in foods, and how by eating the right foods you can stay healthy and fit and actually build muscle from your body as it breaks down the good foods. bad foods (grains that have been bleached, high fructose corn syrup, trans fat) can cause all sorts of problems to the body as well as cutting off the “i’m full” warning your body automatically sends if it eats the right foods. the book goes into much better details than i’m doing

sooo, i’m trying to change my eating habits and focus on good foods so i don’t always feel hungry and i’m not putting on any more fat pounds on my tummy. the book has an exercise plan that focuses on weight traning and some ab exercises for only about 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week. 3 other days of the week are focused on cardiovascular exercises for 20-30 minutes a day. and 1 day to do no exercises. everything that the book suggests for good foods, the right nutrients, and the exercises are based off lots and lots of different scientific research. the author says by following a 6 week plan of changing the diet to good foods high in good nutrients like protein, fiber, good carbs, etc. and the exercises (starting after 2 weeks) that you can lose up to 20 pounds of fat and gain a lot of muscle.

i feel like i’m trying to convince everyone to get this book even though i haven’t started the 6 week plan it suggests. well, it’s more like a lifetime plan of eating healthy and exercise. the book details so much about everything that it’s already got me convinced it’ll work. maybe they taught all of this in HS and i just never payed attention

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