healthier eating

i’ve been talking for years about trying to eat healthier and exercise more, but i tend to only do it for a week or so at a time, and then revert back to my lazy and unhealthy eating ways i woke up this morning and saw a link to some healthy eating info on a lot of stuff i already knew, like eating smaller serverings, not eating as fast as i can, eating healthier foods, etc. i did find some interesting things though like:

  • to get a good estimate of the amount of calories we need to maintain our current weight, we need to multiply our weight (in pounds) by 13. the result is the daily amount of calories we need to stay at that weight. i need to decrease my daily calorie intake by about 400 calories
  • it’s estimated that 65% of US is overweight or obese over the years the percentages of overweight people in each state have increased–pretty interesting i thought
  • the average amount of time that it takes for the brain to receive the “i’m full” signal after eating is 15-20 minutes. sometimes i eat slow, but not always–and then i end up feeling way over stuffed

after looking a lot through cnn’s health page, i’ve got motivated (again) to start eating healthier, watching the portion sizes i eat, eat more fruits and veggies, and eating less junk food snacks. hopefully i’ll keep this motivation and not fall back into unhealthy eating habits again

hmm, now what should i do with the ice cream i just bought?

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