i had a nice long weekend this last weekend–got friday off for what work calls “Spring Holiday” (maybe they’re not allowed to say Good Friday?) i played some Kingdom Hearts for GBA, did a bunch of laundry and watched tv. my friend told me about a 1 day Macy’s sale that was going on saturday. i had gone clothes shopping at the mall a few days before but found nothing. i had forgotten to check out the department stores, so decided to try Macy’s and see what they had. i think it was my first time really shopping there too i was surprised by the amount of different brands and styles they had. i found a light gray jacket discounted to $30 from its retail of $80, and a few shirts. i saw some other nice shirts, but wasn’t about to spend $80+ on them

the shopping for clothing got me curious and so i looked online at and some other places to see their selections–the actual stores have a much larger selection to choose from. then i looked at nordstroms and was amazed at some of the expensive prices–the one that surprised me the most was this pair of jeans for $330 but it didn’t look much different than a $30-$50 pair… it got me thinking how i could spend $330 for a pair of jeans and probably all my friends would just say “why’d you spend $330 on jeans?” and if any of my friends knew of the 7 For All Mankind brand (i’ve never heard of it), then all they might say is “wow, you spent a lot of money on jeans!” and then that’d be it. my 15 seconds of fame would be over

i don’t really care for brand names in the clothes i like–i’m more interested in how it looks/feels. i’m very choosy and tend not to find much when i go clothes shopping. i sometimes wonder if i’m being overly choosy and i’d look fine with other styles that don’t interest me… i started doodling some ideas for shirts that i’d like to try making someday–i need to redraw them nicer.

ok, enough rambling about clothes. i tried these yummy oatmeal squares cereal for the first time–my friend recommended them and they’re sooo good to just snack on

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