should be

time is flying by still it seems… work’s been busy all day, but taking a break after finishing a bunch of stuff.

i started doodling some stuff on the drives to work (when i’m not driving), but it’s a bit more difficult to keep a steady hand at the quick accelerations and sudden stops while riding. but since doing so, i’m starting to get the desire to do more and more drawing. i really should start coloring though–i have so many sketches that i’ve inked and are just waiting to get colored. i’m too lazy

we didn’t go to best buy or any other game stores today which was pretty surprising. i think tomorrow i’m going to bring food instead of going out. i’ve been telling myself for the last month or so to just bring food to save money, but i always end up choosing to go out to eat.. i could be saving $25-$50 a week. there’s frugal blood in my veins, but there’s also uhm.. spending blood in my veins too i should be using that going out to eat money towards food from the grocery store to make nice lunches to bring. i have a lot of “should be” things i need to work on–especially selling stuff on ebay so i have room in my room, and excersising since i sit around a computer the majority of the day… ok, enough of my complaining about what i should be doing. i’ll start working on it tonight

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