today has felt slow moving. i went to quiznos for lunch with mike and dennis even though i kept telling myself to stay in the office and just make a sandwich. then i ordered a sandwich that cost $7 even though i was telling myself to order the cheaper costing soup. donno why i choose to spend so much on lunches. i’m tired of it.. it wasn’t even that good of a sandwich too. i like togo’s better–especially the bread. and it’s cheaper. ok, tomorrow i’m just going to make myself a sandwich instead of spending $$$ going out.

mike and dennis were discussing yu-gi-oh cards while i was just thinking “why did i spend $7 on a not that great of a sandwich?” i usually stay somewhat quiet when i’m with others going out, unless it’s just one on one, then i tend to talk more. though it all depends on the person and how i’m feeling.

well, back to work..

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