figure skating

i used to never really have any interest in watching figure skating. i remember when i lived with my grandparents for a while some years ago, they would watch it anytime it was on and they loved it. last night, however, i was watching the winter olympics on tv while messing around with Flash, and they were showing pairs figure skating, mens speed skating and womens snowboarding (which was cool!). anyway, i watched a few of the figure skating performances and something finally clicked in making it actually pretty interesting to watch. there was a China couple in first place, but then got bumped down to 2nd from a Russian couple. then another China couple performed. the girl, Zhang Dan, attempted a quadruple Salchow (not sure other than some crazy quadruple spin) with her partner Zhang Hao. she flew, spun and landed badly on yer legs and knees. it looked painful. their coach and trainer looked her over and gave her the go ahead to finish the performance. they performed amazingly well. Zhang Dan landed many amazing spins even on her injured knee and they were able to get themselves into 2nd place winning a silver medal

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