at home right now. feels like it should already be friday.. mike and i stopped at fry’s electronics on the way home tonight from work. and shockingly, he didn’t buy anything i bought a new playstation 2 controller, cause the one i have seems to work only half the time. i spent extra and got a wireless one–hope it works good

work’s been busy. not bad busy, but just lots of small things that kinda all come at once. i try to get them out of the way quickly so i can work on a larger project for dennis that’s due next week. might have to work on it over the weekend depending on how much i can get done over the next 2 days. it’s so far a fun project–challenging, but learning a lot.

what else has been going on? i haven’t drawn anything for so long–just some doodling at church here and there. i’ve been too lazy–i always feel too tired to do much after the long drive home. the last weekend i took a bunch of pics of things for ebay and started getting descriptions ready for them.

i played some games over the weekend–nearing the end of Final Fantasy X-2 and played some more of Final Fantasy XI beta (for Xbox 360). i’ve been filtering through a lot of my games i never play or never will play and getting them ready to sell. i end up buying way too many games (though compared to some friends, i hardly buy any) and not play them. so it turns out to be just a waste of money…

ok, i’m rambling on. time to find some food for dinner

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