super router adventure 3: the final return

last night my roomate and i made the somewhat long drive down to Fry’s Electronics one more time to return a wireless router and get a new one. i got to wait in the return line for about half an hour since i had made the purchase. after we returned it, we then started thoroughly examining all the wireless routers there and decided on the Linksys WRT54GS w/Speed Booster. the backs of the boxes of Linksys routers don’t normally show the wireless range, so we also picked up some range extending antennas to try in case the range was too short like the first router. it connected fine to the cable modem and we were connected to the internet in only a few minutes. the range was low so we added on the antennas and it increased it by about 1 bar’s worth (my connection says 4 out of 5 bars range). and my roomate’s xbox 360 connects fine now too. i think we’re going to keep this setup.

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