fun with routers…

my Netgear wireless router, that i was using as a wireless hub, kept causing problems by losing the wireless connection. i use it mainly for my laptop and my roomate uses it for his Xbox 360 downstairs. so we decided just to get a new wireless router to replace the main router so the wireless is controlled by the main router instead of a hub. we tried using my wireless router as the main one, but no matter what we tried, it just would not connect to the internet. we went to Fry’s Electronics store today and picked up a Linksys wireless-G router for $70 with a $15 rebate. it sounded great and we were excited. it connected to the interet fine and fast, but the range on the thing was terrible. it was too short of range for the xbox 360 and barely enough for my laptop in the next room over. i started cutitng out the UPC code from the box for the rebate when my roomate came in and said we should return it for something with better range. so i taped the upc code back to the box and headed back out to fry’s. luckily they had no problem with me returning it and i picked up another linksys wireless router with 3 times the range and faster speed for $150 with a $15 rebate. this one worked great… well except for my roomate’s xbox 360 just won’t connect to it… we’re trying to still figure out the problem–he’s going to call linksys and/or microsoft to see if it’s just a setting on the router that needs adjusting. but it works fine for everything else. i played some games with my friend also tonight after doing some gracery shopping. finally off to bed :p

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