saturday i spent 8 hours (plus 1 at lunch) helping mike paint ceilings at his new place. staring at the ceiling while pressing the roller against it with paint tired me out after a while :p we got all 6 rooms and the hallway and entry way’s ceilings painted pink… once it dries it turns white though hehe.

the Xbox 360 will be released in about 9 days. mark’s been planning on waiting a good 9+ hours for one at walmart and another 7+ hours to get a 2nd one at target :O i want to get one, but not sure if i want to wait that long in line… he’s trying to talk me into it though

i created my own little xbox profile thing from that xbox site:


today i went to church and then just been playing games and relaxing after the tiring yesterday–my arms are sore :p

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