what a tiring weekend this one was.. saturday i wake up and my roomate and i head over to our friend’s new place to help paint primer on all the walls. i think we helped for almost 7 hours. i got primer all over my hands (not sure why we didn’t use gloves) and arms (no fun with hairy arms :p), and some on my face, clothes, and shoes (which i couldn’t get out :(). it was very tiring cause we had to press the rollers hard against the wall because of how thick the stuff was. i got a real bad headache afterwards and took some tylonol. i rested for an hour or two after trying to get the paint off of me, and then went to chevy’s with my roomate cause we were starved. after that i watched my recorded ballroom bootcamp (the only ‘reality’ show i like :p), and then i tried heading to bed around 11:30. unfortunately, around 1:30 i am woken up by the phone ringing. someone (i know who she is) likes to call when i’m trying to sleep… took me a while to fall back asleep. this morning i had the hardest time getting out of bed–i felt sooooo exhausted. i was late to church and missed sacrament meeting. about 20 minutes after i got home from church, my friend was asking us to come by and help finish up the last room with primer. so we headed over there again (and got tired and covered in paint again–but this time he had gloves :)) now i’ve just been resting and playing games and yawning :p

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