i always seem to bring a banana on the day work has free fruit for the workers (which includes bananas)…

last night was halloween and was my turn to buy and hand out candy. i bought 9 bags a week or so ago, and kept snacking on a bunch :p i got home about 7 last night and my roomate had already handed out over half of the candy :O it takes me an hour to get home from work.. i shoulda left earlier, but had to finish a project (since i’m the only html/coder person here…). i handed out candy until 8, but i think the majority had already come by. i saw a dad and his son dressed in star wars costumes. they both said trick or treat and i handed the bowl towards the young boy and smiled and said “take one” (so they’d last longer) and the boy grabs a big handful. then the dad says “may the force be with you” and grabs a piece too and they leave.. i was thinking “why’s the dad grabbing candy too?” oh well

it got cold last night and this morning–i didn’t want to get out of bed :p i’m going to try waking up earlier so i can do exercises in the morning. when i get home from work i always feel tired. it’s weird that just driving an hour home can wear me out..

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