entry on 10-28

not sure what to title this entry :p been a while since i’ve added a journal entry. last week i was stressing a bunch over having to give a lesson at church in elder’s quorum (about 15 or so men). the topic was on Standing in Holy Places. i was real nervous cause i don’t like having large groups of people focus their attention on me (i’d never make a good famous person i bet :p). the lesson lasted about 15 minutes. at first my papers and hands were shaking somewhat, but after i a while i felt better. and thankfully the group did a lot of discussion and answered my questions i brought up real good which helped the time i had to give the lesson go by more quickly.

tomorrow i’ll be helping with another move–that is if i can track down their address (i forgot to ask..). it should go pretty quick–just a young husband and wife moving into the other ward at my church.

been playing Shadow of the Colossus which is real fun. it’s basically you and your horse riding around this big countryside looking for very very giant collosus’ and trying to figure out how to get rid of them with yer puny sword so you can save yer dead girlfriend. i also picked up Soul Calibur 3 (cool so far, but feels kinda rushed) and Age of Empires 3 (fun, but i’ve been having to use the cheat codes cause i’m not very good :p).

hmm, i forgot to eat dinner…

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