last weekend

at work right now busy trying to fix things. it’s starting to get tiring–mainly cause i don’t fully know the syntax of the stuff i’m trying to code. we’ve been trying to hire more resources, but it seems to be taking a very loooong time–over a year now…

i went to my aunt and uncle’s house up in elk grove this last saturday and sunday. my brother and his wife came to visit too. my brother had a business meeting/conference in Reno and they decided to leave for it during the start of the weekend so they could visit relatives. it was nice seeing them, but the visit was very short. we all drove up to Folsom to visit another aunt and uncle and had a bbq there. we played some games and laughed and talked. then we all left. i went back to my first aunt and uncle’s house and my brother and his wife went to stay at their (his wife’s) cousin’s place that was 5 minutes away.

that night after going to sleep about midnight in my cousin’s room i was awoken by the sound of his cellphone. i thought it was his alarm clock and it turned off so i just went back to sleep. then i woke again to the banging on the front door. the knocking kept going and then my cousin’s cell phone started ringing again. i finally got up and saw on his phone “sis calling” and it clicked that my other cousin was locked out of the house at 1:11am. i went and opened the door and let her and her younger sister in and they thanked me and ran upstairs and i went back to sleep. i was real tired. the next morning i remmebered that they leave the back door unlocked, but my cousin would rather wake up everyone in the house then go through the backyard cause it’s too scary… oh well. life there is never a dull moment

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