ahhh the weekend’s halfway over already. today i played some games with my friend and then did some clean up and threw out a bunch of stuff and boxed a bunch of giveaway stuff too. my room is finally starting to have room in it again. read a couple asterix the gaul books, did some grocery shopping and then went to dairy queen with some friends (got a key lime blizzard that tasted too limey and almost sour creamish..) and spent a couple hours chatting with them downstairs. i could only handle it so long before i went and grabbed my clipboard so i could doodle while we talk.

i think sometimes i “need” to multitask or i get all anxious feeling… when i was younger and lived at home i used to read comics, watch tv, listen to music and eat all at once.. when i think about it, it seems weird, but mabye this happens to others too?

it got fairly hot here today–in the 80’s. it’s 60 outside, so hopefully the wind will blow some cool air through the windows, cause it’s still 80ish inside :p

i watched a Korean movie last night called Innocent Step. it was alright–the story was about a girl trying to make it big dancing. there’s more to the story, but i feel too lazy to explain it all :p there’s a good explanation here though. anyway, the dance scenes were pretty cool–the girl danced in a ballroom competition. grrr… i forget, but i think it was samba.. i’m so forgetful >< the dancing got me wanting to learn ballroom dancing. i used to swing dance years ago, but forgot it all… one of my friends used to learn and go salsa dancing. i went a few times to the lessons, but just couldn’t get the hang of it good. oh well. my family and relatives were all surprised when i started going swing dancing cause i’ve normally been very shy and quiet. but i have a good time dancing and i forget all about people watching. and i have no idea if i was any good at it.. :p

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