big move

saturday morning i planned on getting up at 7, but my body woke up at 6 and i couldn’t fall back asleep. i had been planning on helping out with a couple family’s from church who were moving. the first one started at 8:30.

i got to the storage place and helped out moving everything into a BIG truck. this family had tons of stuff that filled a BIG storage unit and a smaller one. we loaded up the big truck and a smaller truck and some others had to come back for all the stuff that didn’t fit. speaking of fit, i definately need to be more fit to help move people often. the whole move (loading the trucks and unloading the trucks at the new house) took about 3 and half hours. i was exhausted the rest of the day and took a 3 hour nap. my leg muscles still feel achey from it. but even though it was tiring, it was still nice. sometimes i wish i had a more physically active type of job. instead of sitting around all day exercising my fingers with typing. my brain sometimes gets a workout trying to figure out various problems with the website though.

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