hot day

it’s summer–soo hot out today here. today mark and i headed out to fry’s after i played some games with my friend online. we picked up dennis and first went to Taco Bravo for a late lunch. the lady there was complaining to her co-workers (i think one was her son?) about a bad worker. i had a big burrito i couldn’t finish. then we went down to Fry’s Electronics to check out the sales going on. they had the new Harry Potter for only $13 today, but of course it was sold out. they also had the audio cd’s for $50 ($25 off), so i grabbed that. i had ordered it from, but it cost $2.50 more online, and i figured i could just cancel the order (but i found out it’s too late to cancel…).

mark and dennis picked up some video games, and i got a strawberry charleston chew candy bar 🙂 then we headed out to union city area to go to Best Buy so dennis and mark could get some anime dvd’s, then to the bookstore so mark could get a Star Wars book. they had a bunch of Harry Potter books still, but for $20.99. then we went to albertson’s so dennis could get some things. albertson’s was sold out of Harry Potter–surprised me a grocery store would even sell it.. i grabbed an on-sale Gatorade cause the heat was making me super thirsty. then we went off to Target cause dennis needed a new toaster oven. he used his toaster oven this morning to toast a bagel, but he had forgetten there was a bag of marshmellows on it which proceded to melt all over the thing causing the door to not even open. he tried cleaning it, but it was too much of a mess, so he just tossed it. he also found the Harry Potter book there for only $16.86 :O then we went to drop some things off at dennis’ mom’s place, and then we finally headed back to drop off dennis and went home. did i mention it was very hot? i worked on a new sketch during the driving around. now i’m just relaxing–the heat makes me feel lazier than normal :p

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