Sassy Girl, Chun-Hyang

Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang

[xrr rating=90%]
I ran across this series recently while looking at for better movie prices. The description made it sound like a fun light-hearted romantic comedy, but as a full TV series. I decided to take a chance and purchase the TV set. Sassy Girl, Chun-Hyang, or 쾌걸춘향, kept me hooked through all 17 episodes. It’s mainly about the relationship between Seong Chun Hyang, a very smart, strong, but poor girl who has to work part-time just to eat, and Lee Mong Ryong, a stubborn kid who comes from a rich family. The two go through a lot both with each other and 2 other characters. There’s plenty of comedy and enough drama and climactic moments to keep you hooked

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