Saving My Hubby

i watched this movie the other night and really enjoyed it. it’s called Saving My Hubby or 굳세어라 금순아. for almost the whole movie we get to follow this mom and her baby daughter through the middle of the night in the big city where she is trying to locate a restaurant where some thieves have drugged her husband and are holding him until she can pay a very high ransom of his drinking bill. the thieves are trying to scam the husband and wife since he was already very drunk after going out with his new boss and co-workers that night. the wife meets up with various people and is constantly being chased by some gang members who she ran into by accident. the plot is very simple, but it kept me glued to the screen while watching to see what happens next. plenty of comedy, some drama and some lighthearted suspense put this movie into my list of favorites.

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