Don’t Believe in Her

felt like reviewing another movie i like–actually this is my favorite Korean movie currently. it’s called Don’t Believe in Her or 그녀를 믿지 마세요 which translates to uhm… not really sure, hehe. it’s also known as Too Beautiful to Lie. it’s another romantic comedy about a small town boy heading to the big city where he goes to school to propose to his girlfriend. but he runs into this con girl on the train who’s on parole. with some mix ups, the con girl ends up off the train, with the boy’s ring he was going to use to propose with, and not sure how to get it back to him (she doesn’t want to get tossed back in jail while being on parole). and the boy doesn’t even know the ring is gone. lots of comedy watching what happens with the two and is pretty light hearted and nice. i really enjoyed it. unfortunately it’s a region 3 dvd (like all Korean dvd’s), so you’ll need a dvd player that can play it..

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