red light?

red light–what does it mean? it seems that there are people out there that, while driving, either don’t know what a red light means, or a cloud of forgetfullness seems to hover over the their head while they are in a car.

if you are someone who, while driving, hears words similar to “hey! you just ran a red light!!!” either from people in the vehicle with you or from others nearby, and you respond with “red what!???!”, then the following traffic light color guide is for you:

Traffic Light Color Guide

  • Green Light = Go
    This means you can keep driving. No need to stop.
  • Yellow Light = caution
    This means the light is about to turn red. You should slow down and come to a stop before the light. If you are too close to the light, then it is ok to drive through as if it was a green light
  • Red Light = STOP!!!!!
    This means to stop. Remove your foot from the gas pedal and put it on the brake pedal so your car will come to a stop.

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